Photo by: Emily Lockatell

Three rocking chairs look out to the water of Lake George

I imagine myself sitting in this chair rocking for hours as the sun moves down in the sky. These chairs remind me of my mother and the small things I remember. I remember how she loved to stand in the sand near the water as the waves crashed against her feet. She would stand there peacefully watching the clouds as her feet sank deeper and deeper into the earth. When I watch the clouds roll by and listen to the faint movement of water I feel like I am with my mother.

The Road Ahead

Photo by: Kaitlyn Wilson

Emily dips her toes in the brisk ocean water in Strathemere, New Jersey

High school is an odd time. Filled with apprehension of the future, joy from life’s simplest pleasures and contagious laughter. You never realize how special a moment is until it is only a distant memory tucked back into the reaches of the mind. How I wish I could go back to this moment and live in it forever.