The Endless Grey Abyss

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Boardwalk at Ocean City, New Jersey

Sadness reminds us that there is in fact joy in the world. Time reminds us that all good things must come to an end. Darkness reminds us that there must be light somewhere. Paths are made to be followed. Pain is meant to be felt. We as people are given the choice to move forward toward this future of the unknown or to turn back and leave it behind.

The Arrival of a Queen and the End of an Era

By: Emily Lockatell 5/1/2019

Photo from HBO.com/Game-of-Thrones

Game of Thrones Fans Feeling Mixed Emotions as the Show Comes to a Close

HBO’s Game of Thrones television series returned on a high note April 14 with its season eight premiere of “Winterfell,” and fiercely loyal fans were mildly satisfied with this episode as a kind of recap of season seven’s events through tying all the characters’ storylines together. “Winterfell” will be the first of six episodes that will conclude the show making it subject to intense criticism.

In the span of 54 minutes fans jumped for joy, held their breath and stomped in frustration as characters they have watched evolve over the last ten years approached the end of their story.

The show’s directors David Benioff and D. B. Weiss created the Game of Thrones story through the adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire books.

Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke are among some of the fans’ favorite actors playing Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen respectively. Jon and Daenerys in particular have captured the hearts of the audience throughout the series because they began as underdogs and now are prominent contenders in pursuit of the throne.

Kit Harington
Actor Kit Harrington who plays Jon Snow in the Game of Thrones series, photo by Frazer Harrison

Overall the episode satisfied many hopes and expectations fans had for the highly anticipated final premiere. Long-awaited reunions among beloved characters like Arya Stark, Brandon Stark and Jon Snow touched audiences. But the episode skillfully contrasted the optimism and happiness from these reunions with the feeling of imminent doom as the end of humanity approached.

The episode opened with the end of the long journey of Queen Daenerys, Jon and Daenerys’ formidable army to Winterfell; the home of the Starks and where Jon was raised. This was especially poetic because the opening of the show’s first ever episode also took place on the road to Winterfell, but with a different ruler and in a completely different time.

Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Trailer from Youtube.com

Over the course of the episode the audience was given a significant amount of set-up plot as the characters prepared for the wrath of the Night King and his army of the dead. Many would complain that the episode was boring due to the little action, but this episode did very well at bringing an element of closure to story.

The episode followed a constant flow of jumping between characters as it has throughout the series providing the audience with each and every character’s thoughts and emotions. Even though the episode felt slow-paced the tense interactions among characters like Brandon Stark and Jaime Lannister, or Daenerys and Sansa Stark left the audience glued to their television screens.

jon snow khaleesi GIF by Game of Thrones

Graphic of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen gazing longingly at each other
Obtained from Giffy.com

Although many fans supported the reign of Daenerys, the way that her character has changed from being a strong and unifying leader into an immature woman in love leaves some viewers doubting her claim to the throne. The romantic relationship that Daenerys engaged in gets in the way of her initial vision and aspirations, but she was too blind to see it.

After watching the premiere viewers across the globe felt a mixture of emotions: sad, hopeful, devastated and enraged. To summarize, the episode had high points which satisfied optimistic watchers, but it also had its low points where the directors satisfied too much; making it feel as though it was too good to be true. It was a great segue episode into the next part of the story.

HBO’s Game of Thrones Offical Soundtrack from Spotify.com

2019 Billboard Music Awards Will Honor Hopeful Artists

Popular artist Kelly Clarkson will be hosting the Billboard Awards ceremony to recognize other hot artists at the Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on May 1. Cardi B leads the group with 21 nominations, almost breaking the record of 22 set by Drake and the Chainsmokers last year.

Drake, photo by Jason Merritt
Billboard Music Awards Official Nomination Video

Cardi B is nominated for the top arist category as well as top 100 song, top selling song and top collaboration. She has nominations in 18 different categories and is even competing against herself in certain categories. Her new album Please Me released in Febuary was one of her many big hits in the last two years, gaining her much attention.

Cardi B
Cardi B. photo by Gustavo Caballero
Please Me album on Spotify


Photo by: Emily Lockatell

Three rocking chairs look out to the water of Lake George

I imagine myself sitting in this chair rocking for hours as the sun moves down in the sky. These chairs remind me of my mother and the small things I remember. I remember how she loved to stand in the sand near the water as the waves crashed against her feet. She would stand there peacefully watching the clouds as her feet sank deeper and deeper into the earth. When I watch the clouds roll by and listen to the faint movement of water I feel like I am with my mother.

The Little Things

Video Title: “4 Photographers Shoot the Same Model- Episode 9”

In this video individuals with different styles and personalities are tasked with taking a “quality” picture that incorporates one model and a selected environment. Some challenges with this concept is finding a photo-worthy moment and finding a unique sort of message that sets your image apart from another person’s photo. This challenge pushes these creators to go out of their comfort zone and create a beautiful image in a pressured situation.

The Onslaught of Smartphones and the Downfall of Photography

Photo by: Josh LeBlanc

Everyone that has a smartphone in their pocket thinks that just because they can snap cute, artistic or intriquing photos that makes them photographers. In recent times everything is documented whether through photos or videos which in a sense desensitizes people to photography and makes it less special. Photography is an art and although everyone can create art that does not make everyone an artist.

LeBlanc, Josh. “Top 10 Funniest Photography Memes of All Time.” Steve’s Darkroom, 17 May 2018, http://www.steves-digicams.com/blog/top-ten-funniest-photography-memes/.

The Road Ahead

Photo by: Kaitlyn Wilson

Emily dips her toes in the brisk ocean water in Strathemere, New Jersey

High school is an odd time. Filled with apprehension of the future, joy from life’s simplest pleasures and contagious laughter. You never realize how special a moment is until it is only a distant memory tucked back into the reaches of the mind. How I wish I could go back to this moment and live in it forever.